Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn't the way they actually are
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There was a comment made a day or two ago regarding AMBW sites that really struck a chord with me.

I’m a follower of one or two AMBW sites and I just want to emphasize the fact that the promotion of relationships between Asian Men and Black women isn’t about “just being attracted to only one race”. On the AMBW sites that I frequent, I’ve read maybe one or two comments that said something like, “I’m only interested in dating black women,” or “I’m only interested in Asian men.”

The point of most AMBW centric sites is to bring recognition and understanding to two groups of people who aren’t particularly represented well in Western media. I’m sure we all know how often black women get the short end of the stick when it comes to how we’re shown in mainstream media. But when it comes to Asian men, you can’t deny that the two most popular roles they get in American media is either the geeky math/science nerd or the martial arts expert. And in either case, they’re almost always depicted as being asexual; completely incapable of having any romantic or sexual desire whatsoever compared to men of other races.

Many AMBW followers are also upset with recent Hollywood movies that have downplayed any possible romantic chemsitry between the Asian Male/Black Women couples. Rain and Naomi Harris in Ninja Assassin and Aaliyah and Jet Li in Romeo Must Die are the most common examples. Any romance between the couples in both movies was ultimately written out and the argument is that if one of the members of each couple had been Caucasian, or even if the genders had been flipped (i.e.,Asian female and black male) that the romantic chemistry between the couples would not have been edited out.

(Although I can pretty much gurantee that if Rain’s Korean fangirls had seen him passionately kissing or making love to a black woman, the backlash from said fangirls would’ve been both outrageous and ridiculous.)

I would say that the basic point of AMBW websites is to acknowledge that such couples do exist and are steadily growing in number. Such websites and blogs provide a way for Asian males and black women to get to know each other and communicate. Some of them even put together meet-ups so the followers can meet and enjoy each others company in person. (I plan on attending such a meet-up myself next month).

The truth is there are Asian men out there who truly respect black women and admire us for our unique beauty but perhaps feel like they can’t express their words and emotions outloud. Maybe they have families who forbid them from engaging in such a relationship or maybe they just don’t live in an area with many black women and need a place to vent out their feelings and frustrations.

 I’ll admit that there are the few bad apples on both sides who do just have a fetish and just want to “experiment”, and there are the few who only wish to date the other race exclusively but it’s definitely not the majority. Asian men and black women have a lot in common and such couples shouldn’t have to worry about “offending” people with their relationship just because it’s a rare interracial pairing.

It’s a beautiful thing, know what I mean? :-)


Regarding the “Happy Together” episode that was posted, when the New Zealander/Austrailan man Sam was talking about why he married a Korean woman…I honestly found his answer very typical (about Korean women being cuter, more affectionate, possibly implying that they’re more submissive than Western…


Just food for thought… .

Has anyone else considered the possibly that the reason why so many Korean idols don’t admit to being attracted to other non-Asians is out of fear of possible backlash?

I mean there are some seriously jealous, die-hard,…


Anytime I feel myself getting bent out of shape over the issue of colorism in East Asia I think about how it’s the exact opposite here in the US. I think about how many times I pass a tanning salon on my daily commute to school and work. I laugh to myself when I see all those commercials for…



rest peacefully, our lovely, precious angels, and may you shine even brighter in heaven.

On the death of a friend, we should consider that the fates through confidence have devolved on us the task of a double living, that we have henceforth to fulfill the promise of our friend’s life also, in our own, to the world. - Henry David Thoreau


RiSe has also passed away. She never woke up after her emergency brain surgery. Even if you aren’t a fan of of them it’s still very sad to know that two human beings have left this world. And will never smile again or laugh again. No one will ever see them except for pictures and videos. It does not matter that she was Korean or an Idol. All that matters is that she is human, just like Eunbi. Rest in peace, both of you.


"if you live like nothing happened, you might forget me. even when you think of me sometimes, don’t worry, i’m in a good place." 
#restinpeaceeunb #restinpeacerise #prayforladiescode
Although Rise & Eunbi left us too soon, there’s comfort in knowing the two of them are in heaven keeping each other company. Maybe they’re even playing their favorite game of air ping pong ♡  RIP EUNBI & RIP RISE


Kitten Holding String (by khanb1)


When one of my family members asks why I don’t have a boyfriend



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